Setting up your first campaign on Google AdWords is fairly straightforward, and if you’ve already answered the questions that you need to answer to pinpoint your target audience for Facebook ads, then you have done a lot of the necessary work already. See our previous post about that here.

The main difference between Facebook and Google ads is that with Google, you can target exact keywords that people are searching for, so this makes it good for laser targeted traffic.

Google ads are a great way to promote all of our startup websites, especially dropship stores, travel deals sites and automated coupon sites.

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To start your first campaign, go to, click the “Get started now” button, and sign up for an AdWords account.

Then you’ll be asked to create your first campaign.

• Firstly select your currency and daily budget. I recommend keeping this fairly low to start with.
• Your daily budget is the maximum amount that Google will charge you each day and it’s pretty likely that you’ll reach the maximum amount most days.
• Next, select the geographic location where you want the ads to show. • You can select countries, regions of countries, states or provinces and cities.
• Also, you can designate a custom area, like latitude and longitude coordinates or a distance from an address that you specify.
• For campaign type, I highly recommend the “Search Network only”.
• Now you need to enter your chosen keywords into the keyword field.
• Start with just one set of keywords and paste them in.
• You can add plus signs, brackets, and quotes to see exactly how many searches of each type you’ll get.
• Quotes denote exact search phrases which have to be typed exactly as you specify.
• If you’re starting out, it’s not wise to add hundreds of keywords.
• Just start with a small selection of important ones, because you can always add more later.
• Next enter your landing page.
• Now you need to create the ad itself. A Google ad will consist of a headline of up to 30 characters, a 2nd headline of up to 30 characters and a description of up to 80 characters.
• Then click save and you will be taken to the page to enter your payment details.

After you have entered those, your ad will be submitted for review, and start running after it has been accepted.

If your maximum budget is only around $50 per day, it’s a good idea to bid on keywords which have a low cost, so that your ad will get shown to as many people as possible.

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Please note that if you’re going after high-priced keywords, because of the limitations on your budget, you’ll get through your money pretty quickly and your ads will only be seen for part of the day.